Shoot from the Trip Review

A beautiful stay on the shores of Lake Windermere


On a chilly autumnal evening, I sat sipping a drink on a large leather sofa gazing out across the lake. I watched the sun set behind the dark silhouette of trees on the hillside, savouring those last few moments before day turned to night. Such a lovely scene and cosy setting. We’d been exploring the Lake District for a few days. Sunny cold days. Wet and windy days. Whatever the weather, the Lake District is a stunning part of England to explore, and for our final night, the weather had cleared and we were staying at the beautiful Beech Hill Hotel & Spa on the shores of Lake Windermere.


I seem to be drawn to waterside settings when I travel. There’s something about waking up, opening the curtains and seeing the waves of the sea lapping on the shore, or the clear reflections of a still lake. So, when I was offered the chance of a lakeside stay in the Lake District, I jumped at the chance....


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