Carpe Diem Emmie

One of the places in the UK I have never visited is the Lake District (or maybe I did when I was younger and don't remember it). So imagine my delight when I was able to finally arrange a road trip up there, even if it did take 5 hours on a Friday afternoon to reach our destination. Our destination for the night was Beech Hill Hotel and Spa, a fantastic 4-star hotel that overlooks the eastern bank of Lake Windermere. From the hotel alone you have the Western Fells in perfect view. 
One of the biggest appeals of this hotel wasn't just the location but the outdoor hot tub that offers a panoramic view of the Lake Windermere like no other. Who doesn't want to escape the office at the weekend in return for breathtaking views and great hospitality.  
The location of the hotel was really accessible and wasn't as hard as I thought it may have been to find. The hotel really feels comfortable and spacious, it has a great area to dine, enjoy a drink but also to go outside on the terrace too. The hotel has really thought about the best elements for a pleasant stay and I really enjoyed that about my stay at Beech Hill Hotel...
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