Caudalie Boutique

During lockdown we had some time on our hands so we decided to keep busy and create an online store for our spa partner where we could retail Caudalie's fabulous products to our guests and guests we have yet to meet. Caudalie Boutique was born.

There are a number of advantages by creating the store:

  • We now stock 95% of Caudalie's product range where previously the range was limited as it was linked to the treatments we offered. So now our in store and online guests get a better choice of products. 
  • We can also deliver Caudalie products to our guests direct to their doors, (or click and collect) providing great value with our guest loyalty discounts.
  • Provides another channel for the hotel to meet new guests.

If you subscribe and/or register as a member you can get 10% discount on any purchase for subscribing and another 10% discount for registering as a member, we will email you the discount codes once you have signed up.

We hope you like the new website Lakeview Spa and we would welcome any feedback to improve the site. If you wish to contact the spa please email us at