William Wordsworth’s childhood home

Step back in time to the 1770s with a visit to William Wordsworth’s childhood home. William Wordsworth’s House and Garden, in the Cumbrian town of Cockermouth, is the birthplace of the great 19th century English poet William Wordsworth.

Preserved in its original form, the house is a living and breathing time capsule of 19th century rural England. It invites visitors to gaze into a window of what life was like for Wordsworth and his family, in their small cottage home.

The beautiful Georgian home is these days populated by waves of tourists, being shown around the building by guides in authentic period costumes.

Further to the historic touches, the house includes a real log fire, traditional furniture and even the sorts of food William and his wife would have consumed, laid out on a large oak dining table. Ink and quills are laid out in the reception area, should you be inspired to write your own legendary prose and poems. There are parlour games and instruments from Wordsworth’s time, for you to inspect and also try.

Good news if you are coming with kids, the children’s bedroom is full of toys and dressing up clothes and in the Wordsworth’s bedroom there are books and games to enjoy. For all you fans of the occult, there is even a ghost that haunts the cellar if legend proves to be true.

A man so renowned for his love of nature would understandably have kept a spotless and beautiful garden, two centuries later in the yard out yonder nothing much has changed.

A visit to Wordsworth’s home is well worth it, it’s a great day trip to venture out on, during your stay with us here at Beech Hill. For more information visit the National Trust Website.