Outdoor challenges

Outdoor challenges are all the rage these days. They’re not just for the super fit and exercise crazy. Everyone is getting involved in fun-runs and challenges, often to raise money for a cause close to their hearts, but sometimes just to set a personal goal or to get in shape. Across the country there are hundreds of outdoor challenges, half marathons and marathons, that members of the public are queuing up to take part in. Taking part in one of the runs in the these parts, comes with the added bonus of the fact that you are able to soak up the gorgeous scenery, of rolling hills and placid lakes of the Lake District. Let’s take a look at whats out there:

First up is Gelt Gladiator on the 16th of May 2015. How fun does this sound? A mud trail run through the woods followed by mud obstacles on nearby land, before a finish on the course that’s usually reserved for UK motorbike racing. It’s tough and not for the fainthearted but the amount of mud and dirt involved makes it a popular run amongst the youth.

Brathay Windermere Marathon is on the 17th of May 2015 and was voted 2nd most popular marathon of 2011 by readers of Runners World. For fans of the Lake’s magnificent backdrop, this is the run for you. It twists and turns through some spectacular scenery and natural beauty spots, with some sections of the run so beautiful the landscape is sure to take your mind off those achy joints and muscles, as you push through that dreaded 20 mile mark.

Here’s something different; the 1500m Derwent Island Swim on the 17th of May 2015. This swim has been in the KMF programme for the past 4 years and is still growing in popularity and appeal.  The challenge will take you for a swim around the historical Derwent Island, a must see natural beauty spot, the Keswick locals have cherished for centuries.