Create your own coloured bauble within a truly unique and educational glass blowing experience. The workshop is closely supervised, no experience is necessary!

Your instructor will first demonstrate how coloured glass baubles are made and talk through the processes involved. You will be invited to select the colours you would like to use to decorate your bauble. The colour will then be placed on a metal table ready to be applied to the molten glass.

Once prepared your instructor will gather molten glass from the furnace on a ‘blowing iron’. Participants over 13 years of age will take control of the iron & fuse the coloured glass granules to the glass. Additional help will be given to children under the age of 13 years of age for safety reasons (minimum age of 8 years). The granules then need to be melted, so you will apply additional heat in a reheating chamber until the glass is liquid and moving in the flame. Your instructor will then take the iron as you seat yourself at the glass-makers bench ready to form the glass into the correct shape ready to be inflated.
Once this is done you will blow your bubble and use metal tools to finish the shape of the bauble. You may have to blow a number of times to get the right size and shape. Once this is done your instructor will apply a glass hook so it may be hung from a tree or in a window.

Baubles will be cooled & ready for collection the next day after the event. Alternatively we can arrange postage. All for £25 per person

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