Christmas Baubles!

Christmas Baubles: Glassblowing At Cumbria Crystal. From now until the 23rd of December, there is a unique opportunity to create a Christmas bauble like no other. One that will take pride of place on your Christmas tree. The short class takes place at Oubas Hill, Ulverston and after a detailed demonstration, it takes approximately fifteen minutes for each participant to complete their Christmas bauble.

Clare, a friendly on-site instructor will guide you carefully through each step in the process. You will then be asked to come forward and select the colours you want to use to decorate your bauble.

Finally your instructor will gather molten glass from the furnace on a ‘blowing iron’ and you will create the glass and select the colours that you want on your finished piece. Once the glass is reheated you blow it into a bauble shape and apply some finishing touches with metal tools. It often takes a few goes just to get the shape right. Glass blowing is an art which few master at the first go. The bauble then has to cool off in a special kiln to allow it to hold its shape. You can come and collect it the next day.

This is a great little Christmas activity and one that is well worth attending. Tickets are £20 for those over 8 years old and £25 for those over 13. For further information head over to Cumbria Crystal's Website.