A Blacksmith For A Day

Become a blacksmith for the day courtesy of this unique workshop at Greystoke Cycle Cafe.  The day kicks off with Adrian, the teacher arriving on the lawn outside the cafe with all the gear and explaining over coffee and cake, what participants can expect to learn throughout the day ahead.

After a thorough safety demonstration, Adrian will explain some of the basic principals of black-smithery.  Participants will examine colours of hot metals, malleability and how the metal must be a certain temperature for certain tasks.

Armed with this information you will then be able to make either Dragon Hooks, Rams Head Pokers or striking Flowers, depending on which workshop you attend.

The workshop takes place on Sunday the 25th of November from 9:45 am to 4:30 pm. It includes lunch, refreshments, and homemade cakes and all materials.

For further details head over to the Cafe's website